Right Communication

Ethics of Right Communication"How you say it is as important as what you say"

We never raise our voice with our bosses, clients, or VIPs in any situation. We don't do it even with our peon or servant, if they are indispensable in a given situation for fear of losing them. Then why do it to those who love us and who are indispensable in our total life spectrum?

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Arguments - Avoid ThemArguments - Avoid Them"It takes a lot of intelligence to disagree without becoming disagreeable."

Arguments usually end up with each person more firmly convinced than ever that he is absolutely right.

It is best to let our bosses, customers, sweethearts, husbands and wives beat us sometimes in little discussions that may arise. It will boost their morale.

Arguments cannot change a person, if he does not want to change. To make a person listen to you, you have to win his heart as well as his mind. Respect the other person's opinion. Accept that he can be right too. You will become happier and more successful in life.

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Anger &  How to Control Anger ?A man is about as big as the things that make him angry. Uncontrolled words of anger not only hurt a person but can even ruin him. Controlling your anger is one of the biggest virtues.

In fact, anger is a phenomenon within a person - a set of pent-up feelings which are triggered by an outside agency. No one person or situation can make a person angry without his tacit consent.

"You have control over your actions but you have no control over the results of your actions." A person is a fool if he cannot get angry but he is a wise man if he will not.

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Make Anger Work for YouMake Anger Work for YouIf certain overbearing, crude and rude persons are bent upon imposing themselves on you, you must not take it lying down. If you do so, they will make a doormat of you.

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Listening is an Art "Good listening demands active participation and mental involvement."

The secret of good listening is giving pleasure to others in a conversation. To be a good listener, you do not need to entertain or impress others with your abilities and achievements or remain totally silent. No, a good listener is one who listens with a lot of concentration, attention, interest and encourages the other person to talk and feel important. People enjoy the company of those who are good listeners.

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Sense of Humour"Good humour is one of the best articles of dress we can wear in society."

A sense of humour is fundamental for success in dealing with people. A bit of timely good humour can put welcome sunshine in the lives of people around you.

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Admitting Your MistakesMany insignificant situations assume gigantic proportions because none of the concerned persons admits his fault and even the guilty try to defend themselves and their actions. Counter accusations and hollow arguments are advanced to defend wrong actions and situations get out of hand.

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Change People without Offending Them A FONT sacrificed.?< being before after looked and fed well is goat sacrificial>
No one likes to be ordered around. No one likes to be threatened about his security or future progress. Orders and threats make communication difficult. Instead, asking intelligent questions makes it easier for a person to correct his errors. It makes people want to co-operate instead of rebelling.

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