Here    is   a   dynamic   book   from   India that can change for better the way you  look  at    your  relationships  and  the  way  you  treat  or are treated  by    your   family,   friends,  bosses,    colleagues   or   sub-ordinates. It will  change your basic perceptions, your attitudes and your behaviors towards people around you.

This is a book written in simple English and addressed to each and every individual be he a - boss or employee, father or son, mother or daughter, professor or student, salesperson  or  customer, business owner or housewife. It will benefit every one who  will  read,    understand,  assimilate  and  put into practice the principles of good human relations as enumerated in the book.

This book can help to bring pep into your life. It can fill your days with fun and cheer all the way.

Mr. Madan Saluja is a Management Consultant and Training Faculty from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

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