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  Foreword ::

In this century when the concept of "Global Village" has become a reality visiting our day to day lives and when all of us are perennially in the midst of waging battles to win, to conquer, to excel, to become smarter, to prove a point, to score over others and a host of other such pursuits, we need a refreshing change -- a change which compels us to reflect, a change which seeks to take us to the higher ego state, a change which elevates us to look at our actions from the others’ point of view.


As we pass through one of the most tumultuous times in history when science and technology seem to be all pervading, affecting every moment of our life, we continue to remain essentially human beings. This is where we face the challenge of pursuing human values, managing oneself, setting example to the younger generation, preaching what we practice and elevating our domain to the larger human system around us.

The book very graphically deals with our day to day lives - our thoughts, our actions, our attitudes, our endeavours to excel, to compete, to outsmart others, and a host of millions of battles that we wage every moment- many consciously and some, sub-consciously. Yet, at the end of the day, we all ask ourselves the one question for which we never seem to get a final answer -- "What did I achieve today?" This on-going search for an answer possibly keeps us all going, as human endeavour knows no limits, no boundaries, no barriers. The book deals with these characteristics of human endeavour in a lucid and running style. Chapters on "Lighthouse", "Self- Managing Leadership", Integrity and Commitment", "Taking responsibility for Life", "Patience", in particular makes an absorbing reading. Centrality of ethical and value systems in managing oneself and in managing others are brought out succinctly in the relevant Chapters.

The author, in his characteristic style, recommends a few simple actions in the chapter "START LIVING". Very clearly, the book diagnoses the ailments of the present day human landscape and largely succeeds in provoking the reader to think and reflect on his actions and attitudes. Some very practical and useful tips are included to trigger the reader to take steps forward "to start living fully".

I commend this book to all those who are single-mindedly pursuing the higher goal of making the world around them a little better place to live in and where human values cohabit very naturally and harmoniously with science & technology.


Dr. A. K. Khandelwal,

Chairman & Managing Director

Dena Bank, Mumbai.

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