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Shubhang Madanmohan
Managing Director
D.C. Engineering Industries,

Ahmedabad – 380 024 INDIA


November 11, 2005


Dear Madan
Thank You for sending me your recent book “Be a lighthouse”

I am going through the book, but it has become so engrossing that, I have again started reading between the lines.

I have found that “Be a lighthouse” is a spirited exposition of some eternal truths and providing important insights to be a good human being.

Each chapter consistently offer rich ideas on developing human relations and at the end, one is left with a delightful soufflé for making one’s life fuller and exciting.

‘Be a lighthouse’
very aptly given a name, reminds me of a Christmas tradition of lighting one candle with the other, leaving the world enlightened with knowledge & wisdom.

With this book “Be a lighthouse” you have very well guided the reader through some important new concourse in human relationship that has been explored deeply in each chapter.

When running business- any kind of business or even a social institution – I strongly recommend this book as an important reference, to improve their organizational performance through self-discipline, self-awareness & ethics. 

Madanbhai let me tell you that, business leaders and strategists who wish to flourish in so turbulent and revoluntionary an environment where human values are placed at top priority will ignore this book “Be a lighthouse” at their peril. 

I sincerely wish that this book is widely read and understood by each and every one. 

May God bless you with inspiration to carry on providing such good reading material to our society. 

With kind Regards, and wish you a very happy Diwali and prosperous New Year. 

Shubhang Madanmohan 

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