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Madan Saluja, a management trainer in soft skills has written a tightly knit lucid book on the values and ethics in the context of management.  “A good manager must be a good man’, said Konosuke Matsushita, the legendary builder of the Matsushita industrial empire.  Saluja’s book is a practical guide for becoming a good man and a good manager in turn.  “Be a Light house” is a simile, which Saluja uses to highlight the essence of good leadership. A lighthouse, he points out has a healthy strong and sturdy body.  It is firmly rooted on the ground and in touch with reality. It has windows that permit light of the day and lightness of air to come.   

It is the open to information knowledge and wisdom coming from those who know better.  Face is its most significant part representing vision and mission of its very life.  A lighthouse has a red canopy signifying authority.  A lighthouse exercises its authority with responsibility.   On top of its head a lighthouse has a lighting conductor, which helps it to handle the ire of higher authority.  The waves of the sea hit at the lighthouse but it is not agitated by the anger of the waves.  A lighthouse operates in a fair manner.  Such are the wonderful qualities of the lighthouse, an excellent model for good leadership in any sphere of life. This lovely book covers a wide spectrum of values and truths relevant for good leadership and management.  It is said, “management is organized commonsense”.  There is, in this book, commonsense energized with wholesome values, which are eminently practical for achieving success.  This is a book, which must be read slowly line-by-line so that one can internalize its valuable message to start living instead of merely existing.  A very useful book for students of management in any management or development programme on leadership.



Former Central Vigilance Commissioner

Government of India

Chennai - February'2005

‘Be a Lighthouse’ is based on Madan Saluja’s experience and wisdom as consultant and trainer of long standing. The book deals with a wide spectrum of salient issues in comprehension and management of one’s own behaviour, interpersonal relations and roles in various dimensions of contemporary social living. The author covers many vital facts of an approach to happy, wholesome productive and sociality meaningful existence. The book is full of easily comprehensible lessons and practical tips for effective social and organizational leadership. A special emphasis on human values and spirituality adds to the importance of the book as a manual on healthy relations at work and home.


Prof. N. R. Sheth

Former Director

Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

This book is about values and leadership. It is values that hold the person upright and pave the way to growth, wisdom and leadership. Madan Saluja in his characteristic simple and lucid style inspires you through this book with most critical of these values. With short anecdotes, stories and quotations Saluja pleads for establishing ones own leadership supremacy. The values and qualities listed here are comprehensive and appropriate for all people in various sectors of society. I have enjoyed reading this book.


Prof. Dr. TV Rao

Founder of HRD movement in India and

Former Professor

Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

In the ‘knowledge age’ it is suggested that knowledge of everything can be at our fingertips. Regrettably, however, there has probably never been a time when wisdom was probably needed to a far greater extent than any knowledge. In "Be a lighthouse" Madan Saluja shares his thought provoking perspectives with a refreshing and timely exploration of the core values needed to live a truly successful life – however one might be defining success.

Using the lighthouse, as a powerful metaphor for all that can be good in human behaviour he explores some simple steps and areas to focus on that can enable anybody to enjoy a greater quality of life. How much we get to live may be out of our hands. However, this valuable book reinforces that how well we live is most certainly in our own hands.


Mark Parkinson

Director – International Education

JG International School, Ahmedabad.

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