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Detached Detachment
Happiness is your Birth Right
Giving is Life
Truth - A Practical Necessity
Taking Responsibility For Life

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Two Swamis – Getting Stuck

Two Swamis - Getting Stuck


There were 2 young swamis staying in an Ashram. One evening while on a stroll, they spotted a young and beautiful half clad village girl, sitting on a big stone near a river and sobbing.

When one of the swamis approached her and asked, she explained that she has to cross the river to reach her home in the village and the last boat has already left. She is scared to cross the river walking. She pleaded for help.

The swami felt sorry for the girl, lifted her on his shoulders and carried her across the river and soon returned back.


Meanwhile the 2nd swami became angry, left for the Ashram without waiting for his colleague to return. Back in the Ashram, he would not talk to first swami and continued to be cut off. 

On persistent queries the 2nd Swami expressed his anger on the 1st Swami’s act of touching and physically carrying the young girl ob his shoulders. He said it was against their Ashram’s ethics to establish any contact with the opposite sex.

The first swami said “Oh - that girl, Are you still carrying her in your mind? I lifted and physically carried her, left her on the other bank and totally forgot about her. You are indeed stuck - What a pity!”

An Indian Parable – Madan Saluja April’ 2005

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