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  Synopsis ::

Life in the modern world is becoming full of paradoxes. Positive developments in science, computer and IT technology are altering people’s lives in many ways. Changes are taking place in the ways people think, behave, work, act and live. Life styles are changing. Tremendous social transition is also taking place. Joint families are breaking and nuclear family culture is becoming realty. Increasing, people are becoming intolerant to others’ beliefs and viewpoints.


Tremendous information and knowledge is available from several sources but wisdom is given a go by.  Brute materialism is making people to work tirelessly for multiplying possessions.  Basic ethics and values are being thrown by the wayside. 

Intellectually there is general acceptance and most people pay lip service to values like Truth, Honesty, Sincerity, Integrity and Commitment etc but in real life people feel that to succeed in this competitive world, these values are meaningless. And yet every one wants bosses, peers and even juniors – in fact every one to be honest, truthful and sincere. Prejudice, arrogance, anger and revenge have overtaken the better of people. Morals are flouted. A lot of mess is getting created during our times. A sincere effort in required in cleaning this mess from society.

In these days of ruthless competition and expectations of excellence, mere acquisition of high professional and corporate management skills is not enough. Ultimately, all success depends on personal discipline and individual performance. Whatever maybe one's skills, one has to know how to manage himself. Self -discipline is the crux of success. Self disciplined and socially aware individuals are the back bone of a civil society.

This book attempts to show direction to individuals to adopt them selves to a new kind of leadership - Self Managing Leadership - a leadership style where individuals do not wait for someone else to direct or command them to act in a particular way. It is the kind of leadership that inspires individuals to have immense faith in themselves and in their capabilities and hidden potential; to understand the needs of the situation and act to the best of their capabilities without being asked to do. Scope of the concept of ‘Self Managing Leadership’ – self discipline, duties before rights, personal responsibility for one’s own actions and behavior etc are discussed in an effort to motivate individuals who would care to manage themselves before trying to manage others.

The book discusses at some length some of the basic values like the Laws of body, Laws of Farm, the Laws of Nature, Truth, Honesty, Integrity, Commitment, Giving Consciousness, Accepting the Moment, Forgiveness, Happiness, Living in Present, Taking Responsibility for Life, Reaction and Response, Arrogance, Detached Attachment, Spirituality at Work Place and Meditation etc. The book concludes by co-relating relevance of Ethics and Values to day to day life and offering practical suggestions. The values and ethics of every day living can also be applied to all fields of humanity and have special relevance to business, industry and profession.

The purpose of this book is to inspire and motivate readers to practice a few basic core values on which the very foundation of humanity rests. While efforts are made to avoid being the moral keeper of the world and give sermons, certain traces of such elements can not be fully avoided.

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