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"True and sincere friends can only be made by getting interested in them."

Take Interest to Make Them InterestedYou can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than in two years by trying to get other people interested in you. Many salesmen are rotting on the footpaths, underpaid, tired, discouraged and unsuccessful by adopting a 'taking consciousness'. They always try to sell to their customers and only talk of what they want. They never look at the situations from their customers' viewpoint - as to what they want. They never think of solving their customers' problems or fulfilling their needs. Similarly, many persons have made a mess of their lives by tricking or forcing others to get interested in them. They have failed and rightly so. People are not interested in you or me. They are interested in themselves - morning, evening and night.

Can I do anything for you?

This expression indicates the desire to be of service to others. It can instantly win over an another person. It calls for an understanding and open approach and a willingness to help.

From Chapter - Take Interest to Make Them Interested

Liking Other


"The road to a friend's house is never long."

A man's heart is reached not only through his stomach but also by talking to him about the things he treasures most. Talk to a person in terms of his interests, find out what his hobbies and associations are. Get him to talk to you about those things and you will find him enthusiastic to entertain you and offer his hospitality.

Try Liking OthersI Know Something Good About You

Wouldn't this old world be better,
If the folks we met would say, 

'I know something good about you'
And then treat us just that way ? 

Wouldn't it be fine and dandy,
If each hand clasp warm and true, 

Carried with it this assurance,
'I know something good about you' 

Wouldn't things here be more pleasant,
If the good that's in us all, 

Were the only thing about us,
That folks bothered to recall ! 

Wouldn't life be lots more happy,
If we'd praise the good we see; 

For there's such a lot of goodness,
In the worst of you and me 

Wouldn't it be nice to practice.
This fine way of thinking too, 

You know something good about me.
I know something good about you ?

From Chapter - Try Liking Others



"If you want a person to buy a photograph, make sure he is in the picture."


Make Them Part of the ActWhat is your opinion?

These four words are very powerful. You can seek the opinion of important, busy persons and they will stop and share their opinions with you. Ask a business leader, a professional or a minister and they will feel enthused to talk to you. Seeking someone's opinion often creates a feeling of elation and importance in the person.

From Chapter - Make Them Part of the Act



"Nothing is opened more often by mistake than the mouth."

Spoken words are like arrows, they don't return once they are shot. It is impossible to arrest the progress of words which are uttered carelessly. You can't erase spoken words. 

Harsh and poisonous words, when used to label something which is harsh and poisonous by nature, serve a useful purpose. They arouse our emotions to reject that which should be rejected. But when used indiscriminately, they become difficult to retract and are thrown back with doubled force and harshness to hurt the originator of the words the most.

From Chapter - Power of the Spoken Word

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