"To be born a gentleman is an accident, but to die a gentleman is an achievement."

From Chapter  - Need for Human Relations


This art of Human Relations when fully understood, internalized and applied intelligently can help you:

Understaing Human Relations

  1. Make and retain friends;
  2. Increase your influence and prestige;
  3. Make others like and respect you;
  4. Become an effective leader - popular at home, office and in social circles;
  5. Develop expertise to tackle difficult and complex situations;
  6. Be a better person - employer, employee, husband, wife, father, mother, son or daughter;
  7. Make others around you cheerful;
  8. Become enthusiastic and young at heart.

From Chapter  - Understanding Human Relations



A smile is a curved line that can straighten many problems.

A positive attitude, a glowing face and a captivating Smile are the most important facets of an impressive and agreeable personality. These will create for you an atmosphere for meaningful and effective Human Relations.

A smile is the friendliest way of saying 'Hello' in any language and the easiest way to begin a communication.Smile Your Way Through Human Relations

A smile says to others : "I like you"
"I am glad to meet you"
"I am happy to be in your company"
"You are welcome"

What if you do not feel like smiling :

  1. Force yourself to smile even if you are dejected.

  2. Act as if you are happy - you can always find something to be happy about.

Smile Your Way Through Human RelationsAction follows feelings - so it is said. But actually, action and feelings go together. Action is controllable. Control action by will and feelings will follow. Pretend to be happy and smile - you will find yourself feeling happy. Sit up, whistle and speak cheerfully and you will be on the path to cheerfulness. Control your thoughts and 

happiness will follow you. Happiness depends more on your inner condition than on your external condition.

A smile increases the face value of a person. Medically and biologically, a smile is healthy. It only requires 12 muscles to smile while frowning uses 113 facial muscles. Smiling can make the face fuller and brighter. It can make a person beautiful and handsome.

From Chapter  - Smile Your Way Through Human Relations



Good and effective human relations is taking time off to think of others and treating others as one would like himself to be treated by others."

Divorce Your EgotismNobody is really interested in your pain, problems and anxieties. Everyone has plenty of problems of their own to worry about. No doubt you feel lighter when you express your problems to others. It reduces tension. It is alright to share your problems with others. Tell yours and be willing to listen to others. One way traffic just does not work when dealing with others. If you keep on blowing your own trumpet, you will not find many listeners.

From Chapter  - Divorce Your Egotism 




Good Manners Make the Difference Common Courtesy and Good Manners 
are the first Casualties 
when dealing with near and dear ones.
But should it be so ???
Closer a person is to us more careless and less courteous,
we become in our behavior

How you say something often counts more than what you say?

From Chapter  - Good Manners Make the Difference 



Appreciation - Recognition - ImportanceBoss :


Employee :


From Chapter  - Appreciation - Recognition - Importance 

"To an individual his own name is the sweetest sound in any language."

"Call a man by his name and you have paid him a very suitable compliment. He will love you for it.

"Greeting persons by their names is the subtlest way to compliment and build friendships.

"From Chapter  - Importance of Names 


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