Trust Begets TrustTrust Begets Trust

 "The only way to make a man trustworthy is by trusting him. And the easiest way to make him untrustworthy is to mistrust him and show your mistrust."

In all good relationships, particularly between partners, friends and family the most important ingredient is mutual trust. It is only on the wings of trust that relationships attain magnificent heights. Total trust calls for a high sense of personal integrity.

A complete and honest trust coupled with love can do wonders. The love you express to the other person makes him trust you and makes him feel that, you are his well-wisher. He will try to live up to your expectations. But when you combine this love with trust, then the other person will strive more whole-heartedly to live up to your trust. This makes him feel good about himself and the relationship.

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Forgiveness"Forgiveness is one of the finest qualities a person can inculcate."

Any negative feelings of hostility or resentment stored in a person's subconscious mind for long periods finds expression as harshness in speech, thus becoming a hindrance to developing a cordial relationship. 

Resentment, bitterness, hostility and other such ill feelings give birth to subconscious guilt feelings and punish the person harbouring such emotions. Let go such negative emotions and you will be happy.

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Love"Love is the purest feeling one can experience for another person."

pure love, there is ecstasy, deep involvement and a genuine concern for the other person. Do you love someone this way ? If you do, then, you genuinely deserve such a love.

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Happiness - Peace - Harmony"In a human being, joy and happiness are hidden like cream in milk. You must churn to bring it out."

Happiness is scarce. That is why everyone is running after it all the time. Every action of a person is motivated by an irresistible instinct to be happy. Happiness is the goal of all struggles.

In fact, most people don't just wish to be happy, they want to be happier than others and that is difficult, because they strongly believe that others are happier than they actually are.

Training and cultivating the mind and filling it with love, kindness, tolerance and mercy can be greatly beneficial. Ultimately happiness is not a destination but a journey and the manner of travelling.

Happiness - Peace - HarmonyPeace is the foundation for happiness. A person who is at peace with himself can be a happy person. Peace is a state of existence where the outside stimuli do not disturb the mind's purity and composure.

A peaceful mind is a sure instrument for resounding material success.

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The Art of Living - The Art of Giving"Many arts together make up the art of living. The art of giving is one of them."

In giving a man receives more than he gives and in multiplication of the worth of the thing / thought / deed given. Getters do not really get so much happiness as the givers do. 

From Chapter - The Art of Living - The Art of Giving

Positive Thinking


The techniques and skills of better behaviour work in the long run only when they are backed by fundamental character. Basic goodness gives life to techniques."

A positive mental attitude is not something that can be developed overnight. Persistent and conscious practice over long periods is necessary to generate results.

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Husbands & Wives


Wisdom for Husbands and Wives
"Marriage is a beautiful, though delicate relationship between a man and a woman."

From Chapter - Wisdom for Husbands and Wives

Forging Ahead

For going ahead

Only Basic Goodness Gives Life to Techniques.

Forging Ahead

Without Fundamental Character all HR will appear 
Manipulative & marked with
& does not generate

From Chapter - Forging Ahead


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